Members of the US Men's national team against Mexico. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

LIVE BLOG: USA v Azerbaijan

In the aftermath of the exclusion of US legend Landon Donovan from the final 23-man roster for the World Cup, the USA opens their warmup fixture list against Azerbaijan tonight at 10pm EST.  Our co-editors Drew and Young will be here with you live from 9:30pm EST up till the final whistle with complete match coverage, analysis, thoughts, opinions and much more.

Julian Green (L) made the US squad while Donovan (R) did not. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

On tap for during the match will be the following major topics of discussion;

Thoughts and commentary on the exclusion of Landon Donovan and how the USA look without him tonight

- The Starting XI and what it could mean moving forward in the World Cup

- The underlining importance of tonight’s friendly considering the coach of Azerbaijan is on Jurgen Klinsmann’s staff for the World Cup – and it will be noted that Azerbaijan played against Germany and Portugal the past two years.

Disclaimer:  Any and all legitimate topics brought forth by those who have joined us for the Live Blog (note: any and all profanity or disrespectful material that has been submitted by the fans will be dealt with)


To access the Live Blog discussion, just simply continuously refresh the page and submit your thoughts and opinions via the comments section – Drew and Young will be reading and will respond in the same fashion – the time stamp for the comments section will be PST for those that may be confused by that

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154 Comments on LIVE BLOG: USA v Azerbaijan

  1. Drew Thompson Drew Thompson says:

    Hello everyone and welcome to the first WeAreHooligans Live Blog – tonights USMNT match against Azerbaijan should look to provide a building block for the World Cup campaign – myself and Young will be with you from now until the end of the match!

  2. Young Kim Young Kim says:

    Donovan Should Have Been on the Roster

    Donovan should have been on the team not for what he is able to do, but for who he is. I was speaking with a friend yesterday about this surprising omission, and he told me how foolish it was for the all-time MLS leading scorer to be left off the roster. One of the things he said that stood out was “Imagine if U.S. was down by a goal and Donovan went up to the players and said ‘Hey guys, we’ve been here before. We can do this.’”

    It doesn’t matter if Donovan doesn’t play at all. Even if he was on the bench or on the practice squad, if he was the one telling the team that they can win, the team will play with a confidence as if they could win the match. These are words coming from a guy who saw the best and worst of US soccer. These are words coming from a man who came up clutch many times. That’s the power of Donovan’s presence.

  3. Drew Thompson Drew Thompson says:

    If that is the case, should Donovan then just not be on Klinsmann’s staff? If he is not going to play, there is no reason to take up a valuable spot on the roster. I understand peoples attachments, but if he is not fit or on form and did not impress in training, he doesn’t deserve to go for “who he is”, no one does really.

  4. Drew Thompson Drew Thompson says:

    How about that Starting XI Young, thoughts from you good sir?

  5. Young Kim Young Kim says:

    I don’t know about whether Donovan should or should not be on Klinsmann staff. The MLS season is still going on and won’t take a break until right before the World Cup. He still has obligations to the club.

  6. Drew Thompson Drew Thompson says:

    Obligations yes, but by your theory, it would be no more different – if he’s not going to play this summer at the World Cup but still go to it, he may as well be on the staff.

  7. Young Kim Young Kim says:

    As for the Starting XI, it’s nice to see Klinnsman opt for the 4-4-2 diamond. If the USA want to pose any threat on the offensive end, they have to maximize Michael Bradley and Clint Dempsey’s skillset by slotting in positions that fit them most.
    Also I’m glad to see Geoff Cameron get some playing time. Unfortunately, he’s placed at center-back instead his natural position (right back). But it’s all understandable given Omar Gonzalez’s injury.

    The left and right midfield pairing of Gralex Bedusi looks good enough to outplay the likes of Azerbaijan, but I feel like the duo is just too average by world standard’s to make a contribution in the World Cup. I’m still intrigued by the set up.

    Lastly, if Jozy Altidore can’t score in this match, consider Aron Johannsson to be the starting striker.

  8. Drew Thompson Drew Thompson says:

    Cameron is being considered by JK to be a better center back than a right back so that will be interesting to see how it pans out.

    Bedoya and Zusi, for me, like you, I think they just lack something for sure, and realistically I don’t know if a diamond midfield is what the US needs to be doing…but Bradley will be absolutely crucial surely.

    Altidore is on such poor form and cannot hit the broadside of a barn…for me it has to be Johannsson or Wondolowski to partner Dempsey

  9. Oscar Z says:

    interesting friendly for the U.S.

  10. Oscar Z says:

    Im curious to see how bradley plays as a creative 10 so to speak…hasnt really been in that position much, has also played with beckerman more often so i wondering how that mid will work

    • Young Kim Young Kim says:

      Nice of you to join us Oscar!
      To be honest, I don’t think anyone knows how the midfield will work.

      After Bradley’s brilliant performance against Mexico in that 4-4-2 formation, JK seems willing to stick with it.

      The whole purpose of this friendly is for Jermaine Jones, Bedoya, and Bradley to build chemistry on the pitch. Can’t ask for a better opponent than Azerbaijan, a weak team that has faced strong sides like Russia and Portugal the last couple years.

  11. Drew Thompson Drew Thompson says:

    Welcome Oscar! It’s certainly an interesting one…it’s a good “easy” warm up for JK to gauge matters for sure

  12. Drew Thompson Drew Thompson says:

    Bradley is such a creative player but he is so used to playing deeper…playing as a traditional #10 is a different animal for sure – that will be key to iron out before Brazil

  13. Drew Thompson Drew Thompson says:

    On a side note, we can all discuss that Alexi Lalas still will forever annoy most of us.

  14. Oscar Z says:

    i think u.s. has better chance with jones and bradley playing in front of the back four and throwing zusi, dempsey and either bedoya out wide or johannsson, with either wondo or jozy up top….any thoughts, anyone?!

  15. Decoyoctopus says:

    Dempsey hat trick incoming

  16. Drew Thompson Drew Thompson says:

    UPDATE: Clint Dempsey will NOT start and Chris Wondolowski will start in his place instead. Groin strain for Dempsey

  17. Drew Thompson Drew Thompson says:

    Oscar the deep-lying pairing of Bradley and Jones is tried and tested, but if you want to test something new, now is the time in the warm-up matches for sure.

    Unfortunately Decoy, Dempsey will not be getting a hat-trick tonight lol.

  18. Oscar Z says:

    yea but johannsson seems like hes more capable of helping to create chances so maybe use him as an acm or out wide and insert bedoya who has shown same qualities…by starting two penalty box poachers doesnt seem right

  19. Drew Thompson Drew Thompson says:

    Johannsson is very much a poacher – his time at AZ Alkmaar has proven such. He only needs one chance when he gets one, Wondolowski is the same way. Johannsson lacks the pace to be a wide player and is not creative enough to really be a CAM

  20. Oscar Z says:

    i would want to have as many of my most talented men in there…altho i def see your point drew…only thing i feel like he should be experimenting with is that backline…he needs to cement his backline

  21. Drew Thompson Drew Thompson says:

    Yes that I agree with, that is the make or break for the US in Brazil for sure, given the group they have been “blessed” with.

  22. Oscar Z says:

    yea im aware that he played as a traditional 9 for AZ…however in the game in syria he seemed to show that he could in fact create, he helped set up alot of chances….however i see your point…jurgen still doent know who to start at striker and that is not good

    • Young Kim Young Kim says:

      JK is starting Altidore, with hopes that he will break out of that darned slump. He was amazing before he joined Sunderland got struck with Paulo Di Canio-itis.

  23. Young Kim Young Kim says:

    He seems settled on Gonzalez and Besler, but the problem is Gonzo is hurt. I wish Cameron could start at right-back, but as of now I’m happy to see him on the pitch and show JK his defensive versatility.

  24. Oscar Z says:

    they need to move on past the landon commentary…whats done is done now and all this continued talk is a distraction

  25. Drew Thompson Drew Thompson says:

    JK still needs to realize, for me, that Altidore is not the right striker – go with the ones on form, and that is Johannsson or Wondolowski.

    Camerson is so versatile that it is such a key for the back line – he can slot in anywhere along the back four where JK needs him

  26. Drew Thompson Drew Thompson says:

    Agree that people need to get over the Donovan drama…it is what it is at this point surely.

  27. Drew Thompson Drew Thompson says:

    What a ball by Zusi…Wondo HAS to tuck that away however…

  28. Oscar Z says:

    wow wondo!!

  29. Drew Thompson Drew Thompson says:

    Look how deep Bradley is coming back to find the ball…he’s so used to that and hopefully that does not isolate the strikers too much…

    • Young Kim Young Kim says:

      Bradley needs to trust that Jones will do his job. I think the next friendly will determine whether that trust has been built.

      • Drew Thompson Drew Thompson says:

        Agreed that trust must be formed between them and quickly, if not, go with Beckerman…tried and tested…

  30. Oscar Z says:

    this w.c. might be where zusi finally comes out so to speak…along with zusi, bradley needs to take reins in order for u.s.a. to have a chance to advance

  31. Drew Thompson Drew Thompson says:

    It’s going to take far more than Bradley and Zusi to somehow get the US out of their group – it’s a monumental task…

  32. Young Kim Young Kim says:

    I wonder when Beasley will get taken off for DeAndre Yedlin. Yedlin has been one of my favorite players in the MLS…

  33. Oscar Z says:

    u.s. have shown for many w.c. to never be an easy team to beat…the rest of the group have their hands full….if the u.s. beat ghana they can hopefully steal a point from germany n they have beaten portugal before in a w.c.

  34. Young Kim Young Kim says:

    Altidore is playing half-asleep. So far he hasn’t been convincing.

    • Drew Thompson Drew Thompson says:

      Altidore just is not the right player right now…he’s been awful and it shows

  35. Drew Thompson Drew Thompson says:

    If you think the US can steal a point from Germany on the form they are in, you’re dreaming. The team to do it against is Portugal but even beating Ghana is no easy task.

  36. Cass G says:

    Hello! Thrilled to be here. This live blog is going to be an amazing conversational tool, especially once the World Cup fixtures start rolling in. In these opening 10′ or so, the highlight, in my opinion would have to be Wondolowski’s initial header, which was dealt with magnificently by the Azerbaijani keeper. Already a proactive plan from the USMNT and some very forward attack through Zusi, centrally. Curious to see how Wondo keeps up, what with being a late addition to the starting eleven.

  37. Drew Thompson Drew Thompson says:

    Wondo has always been class in the box, how he continues to do that will be key for the US in Brazil – set pieces are so key during a major tournament.

  38. Drew Thompson Drew Thompson says:

    Welcome, Cass!!! Happy you are here

    • Cass G says:

      Thanks, Drew. Happy to be here! Looking like we’re in for a ridiculous amount of direct offensive pressure from the USA. Some incredible sequencing between Wondo, Ale Bedoya, Zusi, and Bradley so far. One area where Klinsmann can never be faulted is his willingness to experiment with his front line. Even the inverted formation is a bit experimental, but looking fluid. Given, I hope this shape withstands Turkey and Nigeria in a similar way, to give a broader understanding of the Landon-less USMNT offense heading into Brazil.

  39. Drew Thompson Drew Thompson says:

    Excellent build up and off the ball movement by the USMNT there…that was promising…

  40. Drew Thompson Drew Thompson says:

    Two headers, two on target for Wondo…on another day it’s 2-0 and Wondo has a brace already…

  41. Young Kim Young Kim says:

    AY YAH! Wondolowski was close on that one!

  42. Oscar Z says:

    its the w.c. drew, every team has a chance to upset…germany while favorites have laid some goose eggs before…never count anyone out…so far jozy looks bad for me, u.s. looked exposed with just jones alone in front of the back four…wondo is showing his form!

    • Drew Thompson Drew Thompson says:

      It’s true Oscar, but you do also have to be realistic on matters as well.

    • Oscar Z says:

      i’d like to see wondo play the whole game, johannsson in for jozy and yedlin for beasley…not that beasely has done anything wrong, just wanna see how yedlin plays tonight

  43. Drew Thompson Drew Thompson says:

    He’s so good at attacking the ball in the air…he’s been fantastic in the opening minutes…Altidore, as stated, has been woeful…

  44. Oscar Z says:

    they have tightened up the defensive side…maybe needed to settle down at first…both centerbacks playing great off each other

    • Drew Thompson Drew Thompson says:

      They’ve been adapting well to proceedings, but this will not test them all that much, Turkey will be the test

  45. Young Kim Young Kim says:

    Bedoya has been quite impressive thus far. I guess he’s in the lead for a starting spot at the Left midfield…for now

  46. Drew Thompson Drew Thompson says:

    So far the US has been doing well, but you just see a gap starting to form between the midfield and the back-four…a good side will exploit that…that needs to be addressed…Turkey on Sunday will be a big test…

    • Cass G says:

      Glad you mentioned it; it’s one flaw in tonight’s offensive experiment, but one that I believe Klinsmann can afford, here. Jermaine Jones is sneaking up particularly high tonight, but I’d expect more of an anchor-type creator, Beckerman perhaps, during the latter matches of the series. Definitely a weakness in our transitions, otherwise. Wouldn’t be surprised either if we returned to a more conventional 4-2-3-1 to accommodate a pairing of Bradley-Beckerman or Beckerman-Zusi.

  47. Oscar Z says:

    bradley seems a lil out of sync at the top of the diamond…anyones thoughts?!

    • Drew Thompson Drew Thompson says:

      He’s just so used to being deeper…he had to adjust to a more advanced role here

      • Oscar Z says:

        bradley starting to drop further back to receive…think he just feels more comfortable in that spot

  48. Young Kim Young Kim says:

    An obvious handball call went unnoticed…

  49. Drew Thompson Drew Thompson says:

    Altidore…just…looks so bereft of confidence…

  50. Drew Thompson Drew Thompson says:

    It may only be a pre-World Cup warm up match, but 33minutes on and still 0-0…should be slightly concerning

  51. Oscar Z says:

    jozy needs to be subbed…has contributed in nothing so far

  52. Drew Thompson Drew Thompson says:

    He’s off at half-time and Johannsson comes on surely…watch the difference there will be…

  53. Young Kim Young Kim says:

    Hey readers, I just made a silly poll about ‘Murican wonderkid Julian Green. Will he make an appearance? Feel free to answer the poll!

  54. Cass G says:

    The high pressure has been the talking point of the match, and a pleasure to watch, frankly. Arguments on Twitter are surrounding Klinsy’s plans for a new brand of football that isn’t stylized to one player {hint, hint: Landon} dictating attack, though I’m not sure that the integrity of the previous set-up really revolved around Landon, either. In any case, the attacking plan is refreshing, and very driven. Zusi’s role is emphasized far more than in previous formations, and Bedoya is getting some of the spotlight more usually occupied by Bradley, as well. Both Zusi and Bedoya have played a large role in the dictation of midfield play at Sporting Kansas City and Nantes, respectively, so it’s a nice choice for tonight’s lineup.

    • Drew Thompson Drew Thompson says:

      Agree with much of that, Cass – the problem JK must address is the space that is being left between the midfield and the back-four…Azerbaijan will never be good enough to exploit that, but Turkey on Sunday certainly will be. This is where the case for Beckerman over Jones comes into play.

      JK’s plans for developing a new tactical set-up I feel is the way to go, but I don’t think the old one was geared for Donovan, but Donovan was the key cog – there is a difference.

  55. Drew Thompson Drew Thompson says:

    Young has provided a poll for the evening, for those that have not seen it, scroll to the top and have your say!

  56. Oscar Z says:

    id vote yes mr. Kim…sure bring him on, see what he can do

  57. David R says:

    Just getting in, any general commentary on the US back line play thus far tonight?

  58. Drew Thompson Drew Thompson says:

    Welcome, Dave! Just above I made a comment but there has been some in there – general consensus is that they have done well enough, but there is too much space in front of them that a better side will exploit.

    • David R says:

      Spacing issues can be fixed, what I want to see is chemistry, especially between the central pair. Goodson had a lot of work there in the qualifying process and didn’t even make the 23, it’s vital that the back line gels if they are to have any chance in June.

      • Drew Thompson Drew Thompson says:

        Fully agree but so far they seem to have clicked at least decently – good signs

  59. Cass G says:

    Nice poll! A friendly match, six available substitutions, an intensifying send-off series ahead, and just a fortnight until the opening matches in Brazil; I could definitely see this as an environment where Klinsmann would want to introduce Green. There’s an increased pressure to keep veteran players well-conditioned, but rested, and a positive pressure for Green to step-up and stand out. Also, Green really should have some more caps under his belt before performing on the world’s greatest stage, but that’s just my own stubborn opinion :)

    • Drew Thompson Drew Thompson says:

      Green is in the Bayern Munich youth set up for a reason, and he is highly regarded there. His time will come and now is the perfect time to blood him before the tournament. He is a long term investment that will more than likely pay off, but doubt he will see significant time in Brazil so this send-off series is the prime time to do it.

  60. Drew Thompson Drew Thompson says:

    I think the biggest question must be why this is 0-0 on HT…

  61. Young Kim Young Kim says:

    My goodness, I have abandoned all hope in Jozy Altidore. Bring on A-A-Ron

    • Drew Thompson Drew Thompson says:

      Johannsson surely must come on..apart from one or two decent lay-offs, Altidore has been abysmal.

  62. Cass G says:

    Question: should Klinsmann have limited the bulk of his experimentation with youth integration during last year’s Gold Cup, or is an unfamiliar squad and set-up a somewhat okay status to be in heading into this World Cup with?

  63. Oscar Z says:

    I agree drew, should be 2-0 with wondo providing the brace…i wanna see johannsson in for jozy and yedlin for beasley, maybe green for bedoya or zusi towards the last 15-20…both have shown good form today

  64. Drew Thompson Drew Thompson says:

    Well look what England did with their influx of youth – there is no better way to blood youth for the biggest stage, than at the biggest stage. Germany, Spain, Italy, France…they all do it…Klinsmann had success doing it in 2002 with Germany with Mertesacker, Podolski and others…he knows what he is doing…the US is lacking when it comes to younger players that are good enough, and he is trying to address that

  65. David R says:

    And showing a commitment to bringing in youth early will help with other young, talented players like Green who have a choice in what nation to play for choose to come here in the future.

    • Drew Thompson Drew Thompson says:

      If you should trust anyone when it comes to bringing youth into the national team, it’s the Spanish or the Germans…JK knows what he is doing…

  66. lucas says:

    We just don’t have the talent. Best athletes play other sports, and those with actual talent go unnoticed as college programs have been recruiting the same player for 35 years. Jozy has looked woeful for Sunderland and USA all year after lighting up Eredivise. I have to think it’s a mental thing. Bradley is in many ways our best player but he is no number 10. This is why we have 0-0 at ht.

    • Drew Thompson Drew Thompson says:

      And Isaac Brizuela is a prime example of American players of foreign born parents who usually choose the other country over the United States…Giuseppi Rossi is another prime example – the States is a nation of American Football, Baseball and Basketball players. US colleges are recruiting foreign players more and more as well.

      In regards to Altidore, he lit up the Eredivisie because the Eredivisie has fallen off by some standard when it comes to the defensive side of the game, and his physical presence was a huge asset there, but his skill-set is nothing to be thrilled about and his failure at Sunderland highlights that he is not as good as people like to claim he is.

    • Drew Thompson Drew Thompson says:

      Bradley is so used to sitting deeper than he is more of a hindrance at his advanced role – far more suited to a deep-playmaking role

  67. Drew Thompson Drew Thompson says:

    Davis, Chandler and Gonzalez all introduced at half-time..SHOCKED that Altidore is anywhere near the pitch still…

  68. Drew Thompson Drew Thompson says:

    Shouts for a PK?…that’s a penalty for sure – good lord how was that missed…

  69. Oscar Z says:

    wow, woww….woww!!…cant believe jozy is still in…JK trying to stick with jozy…penalty clearly missed!

  70. David R says:

    I suppose they want to make sure Altidore’s condition is top notch, he’s going to be getting heavy minutes in the WC.

  71. Cass G says:

    Thanks for the responses, guys; a variety of opinions [on youth experimentation during the World Cup]. I’m curious to see how it plays out, because the Gold Cup was such a successful moment in the team’s evolution. One thing I will say, on that note, is to keep an open mind for the heights that these players can reach. We have a fantastic variety of style backgrounds and leagues in the squad, and with that, the opportunity for standout individuals is only broadened. A lot of misconceptions on the quality of the American player and national unit really could change this summer.

    • Drew Thompson Drew Thompson says:

      I think EVERYONE knows exactly how good of a unit the US always is, but the US fails on an individual level when it comes to a play-by-player analysis comparing them to their opposition…their team game is their biggest strength…once they get their individual talent level even higher? They will be a threat

  72. Drew Thompson Drew Thompson says:

    Which is absurd – Wondolowski and Johannsson are far more complete strikers than he is – his only real asset is his physical presence

  73. Oscar Z says:

    this is getting pretty boring and proving disappointing

  74. Young Kim Young Kim says:

    Bradley should not have wasted that shot. At least he should’ve tested the keeper

    • Drew Thompson Drew Thompson says:

      From that position you wrap your foot around it and put it on frame…trying to put a hole through the net is why he blazed it over…

  75. Drew Thompson Drew Thompson says:

    0-0 closing in on 60 minutes? This is highly disappointing indeed, and it has NOTHING to do with Donovan not being here…the team on the whole tonight are not doing enough in key areas for me.

  76. David R says:

    My loathing of the short corner knows no bound.

  77. Drew Thompson Drew Thompson says:

    What? Altidore is STILL on?!?!?!

  78. Oscar Z says:

    what are you talking about drew landon woulda had a hat trick by now…lol…just kidding had to throw that in since u brought him up again

  79. David R says:

    And off goes Wondo, thank you very much.

    • Drew Thompson Drew Thompson says:

      He’s the only one that looked dangerous in the box though, David lol – Altidore is utterly useless

      • David R says:

        He’s a MLS poacher, not a true creator of offense, and in my opinion not a world class player. He’s better than Eddie Johnson, but that’s as close to a compliment for him as I’ll get.

  80. Drew Thompson Drew Thompson says:

    Yedlin on for Johnson – Johannsson on for Wondolowski

  81. Young Kim Young Kim says:

    DeAndre Yedlin and Aron Johannsson finally in. Jozy will be playing for the rest of the match. :(

  82. Oscar Z says:

    un freaking believable!!!…johannsson for wondo!?!?!?!…im done…lol

  83. David R says:

    I think it’s clear that they want to be sure Jozy is in form to go a full 90, for better or worse he’s going to be given the chance to shine in this tournament.

  84. Drew Thompson Drew Thompson says:

    And he is on the back of some of the worst form I have ever seen a striker put forth in the EPL – the World Cup is all about form…on that evidence, you have to go with Johannsson or Wondolowski, just my opinion naturally.

  85. Young Kim Young Kim says:

    Scouting Report on DeAndre Yedlin: He’s a poor man’s Kyle Walker

  86. Young Kim Young Kim says:

    Mix in, Bedoya out. No Green tonight

    • Drew Thompson Drew Thompson says:

      Thoughts on the Disk? And Green will feature Sunday against the boys from Istanbul I should think…

  87. Drew Thompson Drew Thompson says:

    Yeah that about sums it up pretty much – rather similar

  88. Oscar Z says:

    the U.S. lack a creative 10, PERIOD….in all seriousness, landon may not have been the same player but over the weekend you saw him create 3 goal scoring chances and converted on two of those himself….now i ask anyone….whos the one to take over the creative duties for this squad?!

  89. Drew Thompson Drew Thompson says:

    Creating chances in the MLS in a league that, even I know you agree is a large measure off in standard, is not creating chances at the WC against Germany, Portugal and Ghana – if JK felt Donovan was not fit enough or on form enough, then that has to be that…the gaffer knows best (or he won’t)

  90. David R says:

    There we go, Bradley with a solid shot and Mix cleans up the rebound.

  91. Young Kim Young Kim says:

    Well the accidental number 10 came up big. Way to score off the rebound

  92. Drew Thompson Drew Thompson says:

    Took 75minutes to break the deadlock…god awful but at least they finally took the lead…good finish from The Disk

  93. David R says:

    One pass too many there, good feed from Mix but Bradley should have pulled the trigger.

  94. Oscar Z says:

    im not inducing that landon needs to be on this squad anymore….i asked who in this squad will take over the creative duties needed to score when the u.s. are down or need a goal to steal 3 points away

    • Drew Thompson Drew Thompson says:

      Well that’s the collective failure of the USMNT set up for the last five years is that no one has ever tried to acclimate a new number-10 over time into the squad…everyone was so happy to rely on Donovan that no one considered “well, what about when he is gone?”

      That said, Dempsey as the number-10 actually makes sense…he’s quite creative but he’s also excellent from outside the box up to 25yards out for a go at goal…so that needs to be taken into account as well…

      • Oscar Z says:

        shit dempsey is no where near the 10 this squad need…hes about as close to a 10 as bradley was today and thats no compliment….again u.s. to should play with aron or wondo upfront with either zusi, dempsey, and bedoya, followed by bradley and jones with beckerman as a interchangeable piece!!

  95. Drew Thompson Drew Thompson says:

    Low and to the far post is all that was needed from Bradley…

    • David R says:

      If there’s a criticism to be made of Bradley, while he is far and away our best MF, he needs to be a little more selfish sometimes. Take the damn shot!

  96. Young Kim Young Kim says:

    USA looking more sharp in the 4-2-3-1 formation…

  97. Cass G says:

    As an extremely biased member of the Mix Diskerud fan community, I’ll try to subdue myself, but what a player. I wrote a feature on him last summer (, if anyone is interested.

    • Drew Thompson Drew Thompson says:

      His talent isn’t un question, more of, where do you slot him into the XI and in what formation would be best to utilize him the most

      • David R says:

        I think he may very well be one of the primary subs, along with Yedlin he brings an infusion of pace to the table when he gets put in the game.

  98. Young Kim Young Kim says:

    Well there you go, Aron Johannsson should be starting

  99. David R says:

    Clinical. Davis to the head of Johannsson, right to upper corner of the net. That’s where we need to execute, set pieces are where this team can score.

    • Drew Thompson Drew Thompson says:

      US have always been strong on set-pieces…they have to capitalize on them if thy are to have a decent chance this summer…

  100. Drew Thompson Drew Thompson says:

    4-2-3-1 is by far their best formation…and that was the beauty of David on set-pieces…he is vital when standing over the ball in a dead-ball situation…and Johannsson’s finish was good, but he had 10 yards of space to do so…but regardless of that, Johannsson is going to stake his claim in these warm-up matches…

  101. David R says:

    I would hope that Johannsson can definitively move ahead of Wondo on the depth chart in the next two weeks, his talent level is vastly superior.

    • Drew Thompson Drew Thompson says:

      Personally for me a 4-4-2 is not the way for the US…Dempsey is far better as a second-striker or an attacking midfielder than he is as a proper striker…for me you play Dempsey in the hole behind Johannsson and let it take effect

  102. David R says:

    Agreed both on the formation and the role of Dempsey, up top I’d like to see the striker pairing as Johannsson and Altidore (seeing as the latter appears destined for the spot).

  103. Young Kim Young Kim says:

    Diskerud is getting my vote for man of the match. Anyone else?

  104. Oscar Z says:

    again i been saying it all night the U.S. need to play a 4-2-3-1. u.s. should play with either aron or wondo upfront with either zusi, dempsey, and bedoya, followed by bradley and jones with beckerman as a interchangeable piece!!

  105. Drew Thompson Drew Thompson says:

    He’s come on and done well, shouts for Davis would be well founded as well…

  106. Young Kim Young Kim says:

    Check out the new poll I posted. Who deserves man of the match?

  107. David R says:

    I wouldn’t mind getting away from Jones, hopefully they experiment some with that in the next game. I do not trust him as the primary DM.

  108. Drew Thompson Drew Thompson says:

    Beckerman for me is more self-assured and confident at DM…better positionally as well…

    • David R says:

      He’ll keep the spacing better as well, simply put just a more disciplined player when it comes to maintaining position on the pitch. Jones wants to go forward too much for a player in that role.

      • Drew Thompson Drew Thompson says:

        Absolutely – against Azerbaijan that won’t matter, but Turkey is a real test this coming Sunday and Nigeria is as well later on – in a group that contains Germany, Portugal and Ghana, the last thing you want to do is give them space in midfield in front of your back-four

  109. Young Kim Young Kim says:

    Thank You everyone for joining us in the live blog! It was a blast talking with you guys regarding this match.
    We will be doing this again on Friday when England faces off against Peru at 3pm ET/ 12pm PT.
    We will also do the next USA match against Turkey on Sunday 2pm ET/ 11am PT

    • Drew Thompson Drew Thompson says:

      Agreed with Young that this was a fun time with all of you. As well as the schedule listed, we will be doing many other matches as well in the run up to the World Cup – during the tournament itself we will have plenty of these on offer so we hope you guys return for them! Have a good night all!