Fernando Torres Dropped From Spanish National Team

It is simply unprecedented in the game of football to see such an all encompassing, all dominating true superstar of the game to suffer such a fall from grace in such a short period of time.

The catalyst for this horrific nose dive in form still remains unknown (although to me as soon as he got that haircut before the World Cup he lost the plot), but there is no disputing the disbelief we all still share every time Fernando Torres finishes a 90 minutes without anything close to a goal.

For whatever reason Chelsea ignored the warning signs and felt a 50 million pound price tag still sufficed. Clearly it has not.

Torres has been the almightiest of failures for the hugely ambitious West Londoners, a team that Torres buried single handedly on many occasions during his stellar career at Anfield. It would have gone down as the single most brilliant piece of business in the history of Liverpool Football Club had they not spent the majority of the fee they received on Andy Carroll.

This particular statistic warms my heart. In 21 Premier League appearances Fernando Torres has 3 goals this season. He is at an age which is commonly referred to as the ‘prime’ for a professional athlete. Thierry Henry made 4 appearances in the Premier League this season, also scoring 3 goals. He is 34 and a mere shadow of the player he once was, obviously that tells you how good he once was. It is now an embarrassment people believed Torres was the best striker since and perhaps comparable to the great Thierry Henry.

The nightmare continues for Fernando Torres as he was left out of the Spanish squad for their upcoming friendlies and there is absolutely no assurances he will play any role in the Euros. Even with David Villa out with a broken leg there was no place for Torres.

Vincente del Bosque admitted “Fernando is not doing well”, which is not an admission you would normal hear from a coach. Certainly not what Torres wants to hear from the man who will ultimately decide his fate with the team in major competitions.

I genuinely feel sad for him because during his peak at Liverpool he was as destructive as anyone I have seen since Thierry Henry, perhaps second only to the Arsenal legend. He was likeable, he seemed respectful but most of all he was a stunning talent. He was one of my favourite players outside of Arsenal and it is upsetting to see him struggle like this, although it’s fantastic to see Chelsea outside of the top 4.

Let’s be frank, the only reason Torres is still at Chelsea, let alone playing any kind of regular football, is because of his price tag. He can say he has that in common with his manager.

One thing is for certain, Roman Abramovic will not stand for mediocrity and their untouchable persona (due to their hefty fees) will only last so long. Should that fade away and the results are largely the same, expect Torres (and Villas Boas) to be left out of a lot more than just a friendlies squad.


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