Thierry Henry Returns for Arsenal, Scores Late Winner Against Leeds

As someone who grew up idolising and worshipping Thierry Henry, it was all too much to handle for me personally.

I can still remember so clearly the morning I woke up to find Henry had been sold to Barcelona and the frog-in-throat moment that followed with his video to the fans.

So when it was announced that he was returning to the club, some 3 and a half years later, it was something quite impossible to describe for me and I’m sure millions of other Arsenal fans around the world.

Arsene Wenger confirmed he would make an appearance against Leeds in their FA Cup showdown on Monday night. The stage was set.

With Thierry Henry you never believe what you are seeing, but at the same time you always know its coming.

With just over 20 minutes remaining, Wenger played his trump card, bringing on the club’s greatest ever player to a reception unlike anything you will ever see again.

It did not take him long to repay the faith and further show his undying class.

With 10 minutes remaining, Arsenal needed a hero. No greater hero than Thierry Henry. Alex Song fed a pin point through ball to the former captain who deftly took the ball in his stride and finished a curling effort to the far post.

Vintage Thierry Henry.

You would have been excused for thinking it was a replay of an old rivalry game, rather than a 2012 FA Cup clash.

I am writing this from the hallway of the fourth floor of the Calypso Plaza resort on Australia’s Gold Coast, as the hallway is the only place I can pick up decent wireless internet. I have been here since 5am this morning, finding a working stream and watching the game as people walked past me with strange looks on their faces. I would like to apologise to the greater majority of the floor and indeed the resort, for waking them up following Henry’s strike. It was around 7:20am here when he stroked it in.

Fittingly and incredibly, Henry’s strike decided the game. His emotional celebration following his goal only beaten by the emotion he showed following the final whistle.

It was a script written all too perfectly and even the most passionate Tottenham fan would have had a smile on his face having seen The Return of the King.

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