Thierry Henry to Return to Arsenal on 2 Month Loan

In what is one of the greatest days of my sporting life and indeed the history of Arsenal Football Club, the team’s great ever player will return for a brief 2 month loan.

Thierry Henry was voted Arsenal’s greatest ever player last year, scored a record 226 goals for the club and is one of three men to have a statue situated outside Emirates Stadium.

Henry played with the New York Red Bulls in the Emirates Cup earlier this year, and was cruelly robbed off an opportunity to pull on the famous red of Arsenal one last time. Never did any of us imagine what would transpire next.

Henry began training with Arsenal over his off season, like many players do including David Beckham, but supposedly he was in career best form. The reports coming out of the sessions said Henry looked like the same player he was when he left back in 2007 and that no one was able to get the ball of him. This was the catalyst to a series of events and rumours suggesting he could be returning to the club in January.

Whilst Wenger and Henry did their best to extinguish the growing hysteria, few believed this wouldn’t happen.

Wenger announced today that the deal is imminent.

“For two months it certainly will happen. I don’t take care of the agreement and insurance and that is not completed.

We cannot announce anything [now] because the paperwork is not done.

To cover for two months is ideal. He has the experience and the quality. He knows the club and can help the players on and off the pitch.

He has exceptional talent and is a very intelligent man. It can only be positive.”

It’s nothing but a dream for Henry, the club and it’s fans, as his departure to Barcelona was somewhat abrupt and none of us were given an appropriate outlet for our gratitude but also grief. He is unquestionably one of the greatest players in the history of English football, if not THE greatest, and whilst he is certainly not the player he was during his reign with the Invincibles, his impact will far supersede the playing field. He will galvanise the team, help teach and develop the youth but more importantly, preach a loyalty and a love for the club that is not commonly seen in modern football.

For me personally, I grew up watching and idolising Thierry Henry. He was the reason I began going for Arsenal when I was 8 years old. He was the perfect combination of beauty but also deadliness. His passion for the jersey was something I appreciated the most. You truly felt that he was just as much of a fan of the club as he was a sensation player for it.

This is why football is the greatest game of all. In no other sport could you see a former legend return to their beloved club in their time of need and help elevate the team to new levels, both on and off the pitch.

Tottenham, you’d better look out.

He’s back.

The King is back.



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